So what is Zivilon exactly?

Zivilon is gaming community. We have players for games much alike each other, but also much different games. With Zivilon you can see what the games really are like, how do people have fun there and most importantly, you can see is the game for you!

What kinds of games do we accept into Zivilon?

Zivilon is intended to be child-friendly, but apart from games considered 18+ worldwide, we do accept almost all games. Shooting? No problem. Bloody and brutal? That’s okay. Horror? Sure thing!
But don’t forget all the peaceful games, that are based on creativity and other peaceful fun. They are good as well.

What do we mean with different kinds of games?

Think about Counter Strike. Then think about minecraft? They have literally nothing in common, apart from some controls. But then again, think about World of Warcraft and TERA. They’re almost the same, apart from cost.

Do we support modded games?

We support both modded and vanilla games. Although the modded games will be subcategory to the main game,  not considered separate game. You have mod you want to share to us? Contact our forum administrator and we will be sure to add it!

Is it difficult to be member of Zivilon?

Not at all. Make an account to our forums or join our discord group. You don’t have to get along with everyone and be active 24 hours a day, just have some fun and perhaps share your ideas on how to improve Zivilon

You have something to ask from Zivilon Staff?

Just send us message in any way listed in Contact-page! We’ll be sure to answer in 24 hours. You don’t have to worry about being formal or precise, or is your message worth our time. Talking to Zivilon Gamers is always fun, and we’ll be happy about you contacting us!