Zivilon is a gaming community founded in 2017. The project to bring Zivilon up began in 2015 but it was finally published in 2017. Our goal is to bring gamers from all kinds of games together, help you find new friends and new games, you don’t need to be alone!

Our goal

Our bigger goal in Zivilon is to bring gamers together, help them find new games and friends, people to play with.

But for now we are aiming to get at least 20 gamers and 4 games into Zivilon, to spread the word.

Why us?

Why should you join us? There must be lots of communities with lots and lots and lots of games and gamers. What makes us worth your attention?

Our own opinion is that we have unique selection of games, accompanied by some of the most popular games. We are getting direct support from successful company, and therefore we won’t go down due to lack of financial support.
We listen to our gamers, and do our best to improve the community to make it better for them.

Here is few things our gamers have said so far:

Contact us

You want to contact us? Here is few ways to do it. We will respond in 24 hours.

  • Phone / WhatsApp number: +358 45 787 772 77
  • Email address: shinare@zivilon.com
  • Skype: zivilon_shinare
  • Discord: Shinare#6951